Our Mission

We named our company after the famous Persian poet, Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi, known as Rumi. Rumi was a 13th century poet and is the best selling poet in the US, whose legendary work transcends time. We believe learning to write is learning to think and our mission is to foster original thinking and original writing, so writing doesn't become a lost art with the advent of advanced AI.

Our Team

Mo Zadeh

CEO / Co-Founder

Mo is a former Technical Product Lead at Google and Amazon where he managed product teams in the Consumer & Enterprise spaces. Previously he worked as an AI/Fraud Senior Analyst where he played an integral role in identifying and preventing fraud using AI. Mo earned degrees in Information Systems from UC Berkeley, Computer Eng. from Sharif University and an MBA from the University of Toronto.

MJ NoroozOliaee

CTO / Co-Founder

MJ is a former Senior Software Engineer at Google / Meta with deep expertise in large scale distributed systems. He also has experience with artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, multi-agent coordination and learning, and game theory. He's earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Sharif University and Masters degree and PhD from Oregon State University.